Science – curriculum information

Our lead teacher for science is Miss Nixon.

Science is all about understanding the world around us and developing curiosity about how things work. At Pearson we have an exciting curriculum that builds the children’s understanding and knowledge year on year.

Investigations are woven into the taught curriculum following the HCAT science curriculum. This ensures all areas of investigation are covered over the year and builds the children’s working scientifically skills.

Science is practical in nature and the children are exposed to a variety of scientific equipment. They use equipment such as pipettes, flasks, funnels, filter paper and data loggers. The children experiment with torches, electrical circuits, and magnets to explore their understanding. Science equipment is checked and updated yearly.

Science can be both a co-operative and independent activity. Children will often work in small groups to carry out experiments. However when possible, children are given the opportunity to plan and investigate their own questions and enquiries.

Children learn the scientific process by making their own predictions, design experiments to test their predictions, record their results in a suitable format, analyse their results and come to conclusions about their initial question. The children will be taught to identify and control variables, and plan a fair test.

Science provides opportunities to develop other areas of the curriculum such as maths. Reading scales, drawing line graphs of results, using a variety of units and finding averages are some examples. Science also provides possibilities for extended writing such as report writing, and writing instructions. There are also clear links with careers and these wider curriculum links are reflected in the way that science is planned and taught at Pearson Primary School.

Scientific vocabulary, scientific terms and language is carefully planned for and built on throughout the year groups. Links to their wider meanings are made to really develop their understanding of language. As the children move up the school there is increasing levels of knowledge and understanding of subject content and scientific concepts.

Information for families

We are very happy with our child’s education.

Parent's comments

We are very happy with the school and our child’s progress.

Parent's comments

I would like to express my gratitude to the extent the school supports the festival of Eid Ul Adha. Not only by allowing the children a day to celebrate with their families but also by celebrating these events in the school as well.

Parent's comments

I have full faith in Mrs Clarkson and her wonderful team. They have bent over backwards over the past year to make sure my daughter has an education and I know they will continue to do so. They are amazing and I am so great full for their support for my child throughout the lockdowns. They have exceeded my expectations as they always go the extra mile.

Parent's comments

Pearson Primary School has gone above and beyond the realms of every day teaching and learning in this challenging year. Thank you to the wonderful staff for all they do, both seen and unseen. Our child is happy, inspired, challenged, supported and making progress – what more could we ask for?

Parent's comments

I have had a lovely afternoon hearing the Year 1 children read so thank you. I was so impressed with the calmness and maturity of the children.

Comments from a volunteer reader

Thank you so much, our child couldn’t be happier.

Parent's comments

The teachers are always looking out for the children and they are nice to the children.

Parent's comments

My child loves the school and enjoys her time here.

Parent's comments