After School Clubs

We offer three different types of clubs at Pearson Primary School that closely align with our core values and key curriculum drivers.

Tier 1 – Clubs for excellence

These clubs are a commitment to practice; and they provide weekly expert tuition so that children can excel in a range of areas, for example through sport and music.

Tier 2 – Clubs for development

These clubs are designed to enhance children’s opportunities for personal development within a less formal learning environment. Through a range of activities, these clubs focus on language development or social and emotional development, often utilising the principles of programmes used in the school.

Tier 3 – Clubs for experience

These clubs change and rotate more rapidly term by term and aim to provide children with opportunities to try activities that they may not have the chance to do in their personal lives. This broadens their life experiences and allows for adults to spot hidden talents so that children’s potential can be identified, nurtured and, where necessary, further opportunities signposted.

We make every effort to signpost children to clubs that we believe will benefit them and their development.

At Pearson we value providing wider opportunities for the children and are constantly reviewing the after-school offer that we provide.

Some clubs go on to form part of the legacy of the school, for example, our strong history of outstanding footballers. Others are more like a pick and mix, giving children opportunities to try their hand at something new and broaden their horizons.

Our clubs this term all finish at 4.15pm, except skateboarding which finishes at 4.25pm.


Classes 1 to 6 – Just Play

Classes 4 to 6 – Football (External Coach)


Classes 1 to 6 – Art/Craft

Classes 1 to 3 – Football


Classes 3 to 6 – Skateboarding * Please note the session finishes at 4.30pm and costs £10.50 for the half term *


Classes 1 to 6 – Multisports

Clubs only cost £6 contribution per child for the half term, with the exception of skateboarding which is £10.50.

Children can sign up for clubs at any time in the half term and will be given a place if one is available.

For more information, please see Mrs Rix or pop into the school office.

* We are really excited to be able to offer a professionally run Skateboarding Club on a Wednesday evening, 3:15 – 4:25 at a cost of £10.50 per child for this half term. All safety equipment and skateboards are provided during the session. For more information, please see Mrs Rix or the school office.

I would like to express my gratitude to the extent the school supports the festival of Eid Ul Adha. Not only by allowing the children a day to celebrate with their families but also by celebrating these events in the school as well.

Parent's comments

We are very happy with the school and our child’s progress.

Parent's comments

I have had a lovely afternoon hearing the Year 1 children read so thank you. I was so impressed with the calmness and maturity of the children.

Comments from a volunteer reader

I have full faith in Mrs Clarkson and her wonderful team. They have bent over backwards over the past year to make sure my daughter has an education and I know they will continue to do so. They are amazing and I am so great full for their support for my child throughout the lockdowns. They have exceeded my expectations as they always go the extra mile.

Parent's comments

Pupils work hard to be positive role models and give support to others. They are
very proud of the work they do as restorative practitioners, play buddies and wellbeing ambassadors. This is a highly inclusive school.


Pearson Primary School has gone above and beyond the realms of every day teaching and learning in this challenging year. Thank you to the wonderful staff for all they do, both seen and unseen. Our child is happy, inspired, challenged, supported and making progress – what more could we ask for?

Parent's comments

My child loves the school and enjoys her time here.

Parent's comments

Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes are excellent. They are respectful, considerate and polite. Pupils are incredibly thoughtful and look after one another


Pupils feel safe and cared
for in the school. Parents agree.


The teachers are always looking out for the children and they are nice to the children.

Parent's comments

Thank you so much, our child couldn’t be happier.

Parent's comments