School Governance

The School does not have a local governing body. The Board of Trustees of the Hull Collaborative Academy Trust is responsible for all matters relating to governance and the following link to the Trust’s website will provide you with access to information about the Board and individual trustees, as well as documents relating to governance.

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Family and Community Engagement Sessions

Twice per year we host a Family and Community Engagement Session. This is an open invitation event for all families and will have a different focus each time based on school priorities and feedback from stakeholder surveys.

The next session is Monday 13th June 2022 at 2:15.

The focus will be on Reading at Pearson and we have a very special announcement to make.

Feedback from our last meeting.

On Monday 14 February 2022, we were delighted to welcome 19 families to our first family and community engagement event. This focused on what it means to be restorative (building respectful relationships and repairing harm when it is done) and what we do every day to build community – even during lockdown!

Following an introduction by Mrs Clarkson, who praised the strength of the Pearson community, Mr Furbank spoke about our belief in allowing individuals to express their feelings/emotions and the daily opportunities children were given to do this, in a variety of ways depending on age. He explained the restorative questions we use following conflict (What happened? What were you thinking at the time? Who has been affected? What have been your thoughts since? What do you think needs to happen next?) and some of our pupils then demonstrated a restorative circle they had devised themselves.

The event was also attended by Chris Huscroft (our link trustee) and Tanya Cooper, from the Mental Health Team. Tanya informed attendees that a mental health practitioner would be in school for one day per week, to work with individuals and small groups, and support the delivery of assemblies.

After the presentations, families were given the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions over a drink, and the pupils carried out a brief survey of attendees, the results of which were positive.

We are very happy with our child’s education.

Parent's comments

Thank you so much, our child couldn’t be happier.

Parent's comments

I have full faith in Mrs Clarkson and her wonderful team. They have bent over backwards over the past year to make sure my daughter has an education and I know they will continue to do so. They are amazing and I am so great full for their support for my child throughout the lockdowns. They have exceeded my expectations as they always go the extra mile.

Parent's comments

Pearson Primary School has gone above and beyond the realms of every day teaching and learning in this challenging year. Thank you to the wonderful staff for all they do, both seen and unseen. Our child is happy, inspired, challenged, supported and making progress – what more could we ask for?

Parent's comments

I would like to express my gratitude to the extent the school supports the festival of Eid Ul Adha. Not only by allowing the children a day to celebrate with their families but also by celebrating these events in the school as well.

Parent's comments

My child loves the school and enjoys her time here.

Parent's comments

We are very happy with the school and our child’s progress.

Parent's comments

I have had a lovely afternoon hearing the Year 1 children read so thank you. I was so impressed with the calmness and maturity of the children.

Comments from a volunteer reader

The teachers are always looking out for the children and they are nice to the children.

Parent's comments