Thank you all for your continued support with home learning, as we move into this new year, 2022. If your child/ren are self-isolating and are well enough to work, their remote learning will continue to be available through ClassDojo and this will have been arranged through the school office.

Each day, your child’s class teacher will assign work on ClassDojo for them to complete. There will be a range of work including Maths, Reading, Writing, Phonics/spelling and Foundation subjects. Once your child has completed their work, submit it via ClassDojo for it to be checked and marked by the teacher. Where necessary, the teacher will provide feedback and ways forward.

Miss Clarkson will be available every morning between 9:00-10:00 to support with any home learning questions or concerns, either over the telephone or via Zoom so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you require a printed work pack, please speak to the school office and we can support you with this.

Breakfast Keep Up Club

Following a period of self-isolation your child will be offered a five-day place at our free Breakfast Keep Up Club. This runs daily from 8:00-8:45. Support teaching staff are available to work with your child to support them to keep up with any missed learning. Your child will read daily, complete any missed work from their class and receive any vital missed teaching of key concepts or knowledge that will support them to confidently return to the classroom. We will of course offer the children a healthy breakfast every day and give them the chance to ‘check in’ on any other concerns with returning to school.

We very much hope that you will support us in our plans to make sure that all of our children keep up with their learning.

Interactive resources:

Curated collections of online resources arranged by age group and subject area to make it really easy to find activities suitable for your child – especially for those who are off sick with COVID-19 but who would like to access some learning activity for short periods of time in the day.

Please use the links below to access online games, resources and activities to support your child’s learning: